Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Opening Performance



sensimagiconductonectitransformative [Lucifer]
visuals: Bence Samu (HU)
choreography & dance: Thomas Körtvélyessy (NL/HU/DE)
A dancer accumulates movement-tension in space with the presence of the audience. In this process he plays with imagination, (im)possibility, and transcendendence. He ends with almost imperceptibly slow and unfocused movements, a dance-approach towards white noise.
A video installation with infrared light shows visual paths of the movements and hints at the emotional layer of the performer by highlighting how he interacts with the audience, similar to how a black hole can be detected by its relation to nearby visible matter.
At the end everybody is welcome to accept soft metallic stripes to make their own visualized movement-tensions in space.
The dance is dedicated to Mary O’Donnell-Fulkerson (http://releasedance.com)



Monday, August 24, 2009

Twilight Zone - exhibition

Cordula Körber, Dorothee Schumacher, Lutz Kemper (DE), Csenge Kolozsvari, Szaffi (HU)
The installation creates the illusionary atmosphere of a natural medium with "Wind Noises" . The wind, as a medium of information bears messages for the receiver. The construction allows entry for one person at a time. 


Cordula Körber (DE), Agoston Nagy (HU):

"hunting stand"

at the entrance

The observation of the empty house across from phoenixhall during 10 days turned out to be an strange exploration.The house was the place of the Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft where the planning for the Phoenix area took place. It will be breakaway this year.

Bence Samu (HU) : Ghost catcher

The installation tirelessly seaching the white noise of the ether looking for blurs of human faces. With sophisticated sensors and well optimalised algorithms, now we are able to reveal the unknown.

Lutz Kemper (DE) : Transformer Radio Station

Through the help of multi-media rays, this interactive radio-station makes it possible to bundle the energy of the visitor and to visualize it through a Transformer.

Csenge Kolozsvari, Agoston Nagy (HU), PB8 (LT)  : Fifth principle 
The ability to make sense of a system also depends on the scale by which we measure it. On the different layers, more and more information is present, ever more differentiatedly. Each layer comprises and surpasses the previous one. This is how  hierarchy comes to exist as a structure of embedded layers. In this uninterrupted process of original evolution conservation is maintained and also exceeded.  

PB8 (LT): 6 words box
Each day of the workshop participants were asked to write down the word on paper by themselves and then record it on tape. The word was thought to be related to phenomena of voice. After each word the participants were asked to count until one minute and then stop the recording. During the sesions water was running straight into the bathroom sink annex recording studio to make the background noise receptive for EVP to appear. Now you are welcome to sit beside the wooden box which lights violet through the papers on which the words were collected and to listen to the uncut laminate of tape recorded sound.
the words written by participants:
warm * velvety * catacombe * energy * (((( sound d d d d d  ))) * scratchy * calm * nature * signal
concord *  (Eva (hmmmm) Anne Wellmer>(:-)) * rhythm * mickey mouse * shhrrrrrraprrrrrrrrrrrrrrttrr * entropy *
sex * chakra sounds * water * control * sacred *  voice/ sound d d resonance * comprehendibility * wild strawberry * coarse
Instrument * flow * meaningless * Férek * Celine Dion * friends
nothing * mute-ness * braindiseased * chililililing.....! * phnnnnnnh
wild chaos * ahem ahem ahem * jet engine * Tone-tact * dying * bright * hour-phemence come onnnnnnnnnnnn * Bill Murray * (sound) pear twistering matter
PB8 | www.pb8.lt 

Csenge Kolozsvari, Agoston Nagy (HU): Solution
Sometimes solving a problem is easier, than what we would believe.
Cordula Körber (DE), PB8 (LT) : Water Signal
The water hose was installed in the room of the workshop. As well it was running away through the exhibition hall. When - back to the room full with  light energy saved in water molecules it splached in to the aquarium which converted water into light again. As the story follows EVP technologies, the water signal makes an effect to the space and for bouth - ear, eye (+the x).
Cordula Körber (DE), Agoston Nagy (HU): loop
The hanging circle in the space is an object found in the area of the
Phoenix Hall. Sound travels through the tube, just like information in any
medium. this object in fact is a time trap, where this movement
becomes extremely slow.

Dorothee Schumacher, Lutz Kemper (DE) : The entrances of the Medusa
They bring the visitor into  a new dimension and sensitize them for the step into a new multi-medial world.

On 22th August took place the Twilight Zone media art exhibition and performance.
We didn't know exactly before the workshop which is the form of the presentation what we will do on this day. There was being imagined a multimedial performance which involves several fields of the art. Besides this were being created 9 installations also during the 10 days. The installations were being made up by more artist and the artists took part in completion of more works.  

The process of the workshop

We worked the whole day every day in the PHOENIX Halle.